Manor House Fitness

A Premium Fitness Centre, Ollerton

a Comfortable place to push yourself 

Manor House Fitness is an experience crafted from the ground up to be exceptional. It's an environment where you can post the perfect selfie, set a personal best, and sip a smoothie β€” all within a single session. It's a place where you can feel at home, yet also step out of your comfort zone. This could be your new favourite spot.
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What our guest say

  • "Recently joined, the staff are friendly and helpful. It’s an incredible place with lots of technology and equipment."
    Poppy Qureshi
  • "Brilliant gym modern equipment easy to track progress easy to use."
    Eleven Mystery
  • "Really good gym excellent equipment very modern sauna and steam room to relax after workout Would definitely recommend"
    Danny Knowles
  • "Upper class gym with amazing facilities!
    Different tier memberships that include access to Sun beds, sauna, steam room and classes that are delivered to a high quality standard. The yoga is my favourite! No other gym like it. Pt and Physiotherapist is also offered in this gym πŸ™ŒπŸ½. I would say my mental health and well-being has improved dramatically since being apart of this gym. Thank you."
    Aimie Mclauchlan
  • "Could not recommend this gym enough! The motivation it gives you is unreal! The gym itself is so modernised and aesthetically pleasing and the equipment is amazing! The staff are all so friendly and helpful too."
    Katie Lidgett

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3 Tiers of Membership
At Manor House Fitness, we offer three distinct levels of membership to cater to a variety of fitness needs and preferences.

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